How do you know for whom a calendar  synchronization application is useful?

May 16th, 2024

How provocative the title of my article sounds! And yet, the question is legitimate: just because we're selling a diary synchronization tool (excellent, by the way!) doesn't mean we want to sell it at any price. Our aim is to sell it to the person who really needs it, and whose daily life will be greatly facilitated by it.

According to a study "Time Management Statistics & Facts", 82% of people don't use any kind of time management system. SyncThemCalendars can help you do just that.

The calendar is the basic tool for organizing your daily life, whether professional or personal.

Nowadays, it's common to use several calendars, for example a personal calendar and a business calendar.

So we're going to take a look at the profiles for which our application is really useful. Before we do, we'll take a quick survey to see if this applies to you.

  • I use at least two different calendars.

  • I want to share my calendar with someone.

  • I want to have an overview of my activities, whether professional or personal.

  • I want to avoid two appointments at the same time.

  • I want to organize myself more easily.

  • I want to indicate unavailability without explaining why.

  • I want to keep control of my private life.

  • I don't want to change my diary.

  • I think switching from one schedule to another is a waste of time.

Did you answer “yes” to at least one of the statements? SyncThemCalendars can help.

What is calendar synchronization?

First, I'll explain what synchronization is, before quickly presenting the essential features of our application.

Understanding the principle of synchronization

Synchronization involves linking several tools together. In our specific case, it involves linking together several Google calendars, in ways that you choose.

This process enables users to view and manage all their appointments, tasks and events from a variety of sources, without having to switch from one calendar to another. In practice, this means that information from multiple calendars is brought together in real time. Changes made to a calendar in one system are automatically reflected in the others, ensuring constant updating and complete visibility.

Synchronization helps prevent scheduling conflicts, optimizes time by eliminating the need to consult multiple sources, and increases efficiency by providing immediate access to all scheduled commitments.

What's the difference with Google Calendar Sync?

SyncThemCalendars presents itself as an ideal alternative to Google Sync. Indeed, although Google Sync is a good tool with similar features, it has limitations:

  • Synchronizations are not performed in real time, which creates a significant risk of overbooking.

  • It's impossible to configure synchronization to your own specifications (choice of colors, replacement of fields such as “Summary”, “Description” or “Location”).

  • Google Sync is mainly used for cross-platform synchronization, e.g. synchronizing a Google Calendar with an Apple Calendar.

  • It's a smartphone application, but in a professional context, you're more likely to work with a computer.

  • Inadequate security: Google's official documentation states that the Google Sync application is incompatible with OAuth authentication, two-factor authentication and security keys. In practical terms, this reduces the security of your data.

  • Incompatibility between Google Sync and Google Workspace is scheduled for autumn 2024. Official Google documentation therefore recommends abandoning Google Sync in favor of more secure solutions.

As you can see, our solution is an alternative to the limitations of Google Sync, particularly in a professional context. In concrete terms, what options do you offer?

SyncThemCalendars essential features

To briefly introduce our product, SyncThemCalendars provides:

  • Synchronization of two to five Google Calendars accounts. More synchronizations can be added for an additional fee. If you need more synchronizations, please contact our support team.

  • One-way synchronization: you move information from your calendar A to calendar B.

    one-way synchronization

  • Bidirectional synchronization: when you change information in one of the calendars, the others update automatically.

    bidirectional synchronization

  • If you wish, your personal information remains private! If your personal agenda is synchronized with your customer's, for example, you choose what your customer can see: if you're at the dentist's on Tuesday between 1pm and 3pm, your customer will simply see that you're busy, without knowing why. This avoids tricky situations, such as having to explain why you can't attend an important meeting or take a customer call. If you want to make your information public, that's also your choice.

Why use a calendar synchronization application?

Saving time with real-time synchronization

That's the difficulty of our modern lives, isn't it? The value of time is priceless. Every day we're overwhelmed with information and tasks to complete. A calendar synchronization application is one of the solutions that can help us save precious time.

Depending on the options you choose, you no longer need to manually copy events between calendars to avoid double-booking. Event additions are automatically copied between your different calendars. Likewise, if the schedule of an event is modified, the update is automatic.

That's the magic of SyncThemCalendars!

Controlling your privacy

Obviously, as I pointed out above, you may not want your customers to know what you're doing during the time slots when you're unavailable to them! It's the same thing when you share your diary with someone close to you: you need to share certain details of your organization, but your life doesn't become an open book.

You have control over how events are displayed across multiple calendars.

For example, your team can access your personal calendar on your work calendar, but only with the details you wish to specify.

💡 My tip: how do I indicate that I'm unavailable but without my customer knowing the reason?

  1. Click on “Modify”.

    Modify your settings

  2. Change the “Summary”, “Description” and “Location” fields, for example to “Unavailable”. Don't forget to validate each change and click on “Apply changes”.

    Change the “Summary”, “Description” and “Location” fields

  3. This is what you see in your personal agenda.

    what you see in your personal diary

  4. This is what your customer sees.

    what your customer sees

Ease of use

We're very proud of our application: at first glance, it can seem tricky to navigate between several diaries. That's why we've added features that make it as easy as possible to use, with :

  • A single dashboard page

  • Color coding to distinguish between organic and synchronized events.

💡 My tip: How to use the color code?

  1. Click on “Modify” and change the color.

    color coding with SyncThemCalendars

  2. On the source calendar, you'll see a single color. On the target agenda, you see two colors: the first, very light, is that of the source agenda.

    Choose your colors to differentiate the source and target Calendars

There's no need to switch from one agenda to another, or juggle between different applications: everything is visible and manageable at a glance.

Not only does this centralization give you a global view of your schedule, it also facilitates communication with your various partners. Everyone can see your updated availability, which simplifies appointment scheduling and avoids misunderstandings.

Let's take a look at some real-life examples.

Balancing your professional and personal life

It's no secret that finding a balance between your professional and personal life is a major challenge. Yet we're convinced that the right tools are an invaluable aid to achieving it.

So, by synchronizing your diaries, you enable your colleagues to see only those slots when you are available or busy, without disclosing the reasons for your unavailability, which remain noted in your personal diary.

Not only is your privacy preserved, but your productivity is also improved, as you reduce the time spent managing calendar conflicts. Your colleagues benefit from transparency about your availability, which facilitates collaborative planning and reduces the risk of misunderstandings or double-booking.

As Michel puts it so well in the review he left on Capterra:

I synchronize my personal calendar with my work calendar, which prevents the people I work with from planning time with me when I'm not available due to personal obligations. Before SyncThemCalendars, I had to create an additional event in my work calendar for every personal event that crossed work hours. Now I don't have to think about it.

An additional difficulty arises when you have to manage several different calendars in the professional sphere.

Freelance, project manager, entrepreneur: gaining efficiency

Are you a freelancer, entrepreneur, project manager or all of the above? When you're managing several projects at once, synchronizing and sharing your calendars with SyncThemCalendars can really boost your productivity.

How calendar synchronization optimizes your efficiency

That's precisely what one user who left a testimonial on Capterra thinks:

We have several gmail accounts with different clients and booking meetings used to be a chore- I either had to update everything on each calendar separately (time wasting) or risk being double booked. This software automated that for me in a way that was better than IFTT and Zapier.

team work

Our application allows you to

  • avoid double meetings and scheduling conflicts.

  • optimize everyone's visibility, essential for juggling several projects.

  • improve responsiveness to customer requests or team needs, thanks to an overview.

  • prioritize tasks and manage emergencies.

  • simultaneously supervise several teams in different time zones.

  • integrate with other project management or communication tools, such as Calendly, for greater automation and efficiency.

How about a concrete example to visualize the benefits of this solution?

Calendar synchronization to an event organizer's rescue

For event organizers, the ability to coordinate and share information in real time is crucial. Using SyncThemCalendars can transform the way you manage events, here's how.

  • Simplified agenda sharing: you can create a specific agenda for each event and share it easily with your team, suppliers, and even attendees. Everyone has access only to the information that's relevant to them. You can control who sees what, ensuring that sensitive details remain confidential while keeping all stakeholders well informed.

  • Real-time synchronization: changes made to the agenda are updated instantly for all those with access. If a change of location or schedule occurs, everyone is immediately aware. This feature is particularly valuable in the days leading up to the event, when last-minute adjustments are frequent.

  • Global events calendar that displays all your upcoming events. This helps you see your busy schedule at a glance and plan accordingly without the risk of overbooking. You can also use this overview to adjust preparations and resources according to impending needs.

Of course, while professional use is appropriate for our application, so is personal use.

Families and personal organization: simplifying your daily routine

Have you ever known the famous family calendar in your kitchen, stuck on your fridge? It could show exam dates, training schedules, school times, parties, outings and much more. Our calendar synchronization tool is nothing more than a connected version... and improved.

Coordinating daily activities

It's the classic case: you make a doctor's appointment, thinking that your spouse will be available to look after the children at the time, then you get home and there's the drama: you realize that your other half will be busy and that your appointment has to be cancelled.

This mistake could have been avoided if you'd been able to consult your partner's calendar in real time, synchronized with your own.


What's more, you can easily repeat daily, weekly or monthly events. Simply create an appointment and repeat it as needed. This feature will be very useful for mentioning the children's extra-curricular activities, or for definitively scheduling that sports class you've been dreaming of taking part in.

Planning special events and vacations

An exceptional opportunity to go on vacation arises? No problem, you're able to react immediately since you see your spouse's availability.

At SyncThemCalendars, we're not sectarian: this also works with your family members or best friends! And also for students, our latest target audience.

Students and academics: coordinating your different imperatives

Being a student, the good life, the parties, the meetings. Really? It's an old cliché, but I know perfectly well that student life requires meticulous organization, between classes, a job, activities and sometimes family life.

By using SyncThemCalendars, you'll be able to :

  • Plan time and manage deadlines

  • Coordinate your schedule with that of your classmates or teachers

  • Import and synchronize academic calendars provided by universities, to stay up-to-date with course changes or important announcements.

  • share certain events or availabilities with study groups without exposing your entire personal calendar

  • set reminders for assignments and exams

  • plan and track critical stages of final projects, synchronizing deadlines, meetings and presentations.

In conclusion, SyncThemCalendars isn't just another tool in your digital arsenal; it's a true coordination platform that transforms the way you manage your time and commitments. Whether you're a professional juggling various projects, a student managing a busy schedule, or a family organizing daily routines, our application adapts to your specific needs. 

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