How to Sync Multiple Calendars to Display Your Availability and Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

June 28th, 2021

Scheduling is a constant pain point in the life of a freelancer. If you’re like me and work with multiple schedules for various freelance gigs while also juggling a family and social life, you know that it’s impossible to have your schedule reflect your true availability. 

Before I built a simple, life-changing solution for this problem, almost every meeting I was invited to ended up conflicting with a different meeting on another one of my schedules, or required extensive coordination via email or phone before it was scheduled in order to avoid conflict. I think it’s safe to assume that you agree with me - scheduling ping pongs isn't a good use of anyone’s time, to say the least. 

What solutions are out there?

This issue isn’t unique to my situation. Freelancers, consultants, and members of the gig economy, all deal with scheduling conflicts on a daily basis and spend a good amount of time rescheduling and moving meetings around. I thought to myself, “if so many people have the same problem, someone must have already solved it!” so I set out to find a product that did just that. 

I started Googling phrases like “avoid scheduling conflicts” and “easily find a time to meet”, but all I could find were services like Doodle and Meetingbird, which let users issue scheduling links to poll everyone about the best time for them to meet. None of these were helpful. 

I then Googled “how to sync multiple calendars” and stumbled upon Zapier, which lets you configure zaps to copy one new Google Calendar even onto another calendar to display meetings from multiple calendars in a single view. After briefly trying this out, I learned that Zapier is a less-than-ideal solution. Beyond having to set up all the configurations yourself, which doesn’t come easily at all to people who aren’t naturally technically savvy, there are several issues with it, for instance, copying recurring events will push you over the free account quota, you must manually re-run failed tasks, and there’s an inherent 5-minute delay until an event is synced. 

None of the existing products out there offered a clean, simple, and pain-free solution to my problem. You see, I didn’t want to *shorten* the amount of time it took to schedule a meeting, I wanted to *eliminate* it altogether. I didn’t just want to be able to see all my personal and work meetings at a single glance, I also wanted my friends, family and colleagues to see when I was available. I kept thinking: “how come there isn’t a smart, low-maintenance, affordable tool that enables all of these functionalities?”

This is exactly why I developed SyncThemCalendars.

My simple, life-changing solution  

SyncThemCalendars displays a precise representation of a person’s availability to anyone looking to invite him or her to a new calendar event. Today, SyncThemClaendars is the only product that *actually”* lets you merge multiple Gmail calendars to display an exact representation of your availability to you, friends, family and colleagues. 

Unlike solutions like Zapier, you don’t have to manually configure any rules and automations or worry about how to fix them when things stop working properly. With STC, you set up a one-time, fully customizable sync right when you sign up, and from that moment on, you can simply work off of a single calendar, avoid endless emails and phone calls before setting up meetings and finally say goodbye to scheduling conflicts once and for all. 

How does it work? All you have to do is set up a one-time sync with 5 clicks of a button in under 2 minutes:

  • Step #1: First, you will be asked to log in with your primary Gmail address, which will be specified as your “Source Calendar”.

Signup Screenshot
  • Step #2: You will then have to sign in with your secondary (your “Target Calendar”) Gmail account with which you desire to sync your primary Gmail account.

No Syncs Defined Screenshot
  • Step #3: Once you’re signed in with all of the Google calendars that you’d like to sync together, you’ll be able to do so with a single click. You can merge up to 5 Gmail accounts. Every sync is customizable, so you can determine what sort of information you’d like copied from one calendar to another - event summary, description, location, visibility, reminder, and color. 

Create Sync Screenshot

That’s it. After this one-time sync, there’s no maintenance whatsoever - you can just get on about your life avoiding conflicting events and using your time wisely. 

Why people love SyncThemCalendars

SyncThemCalendars is used by busy people around the world from Software Developers to CTOs, real estate professionals, engineers, entrepreneurs, and more. With STC, they save time, stay organized, and manage their calendars effortlessly. 

Check out this testimonial from a video producer:

“The nature of my job requires me to have multiple emails and calendars that I manage at once for all the different gigs I'm working on. Keeping all the calendars in sync so I didn't get double-booked was turning into a fulltime job. Sync them Calendars fixes my problem precisely. What a huge time saver!“

And this one by a consultant:

“We have several gmail accounts with different clients and booking meetings used to be a chore. I either had to update everything on each calendar separately (time wasting) or risk being double booked. This software automated that for me in a way that was better than IFTT and Zapier.“

There are more reasons why people love SyncThemCalendars:

  • The signup and setup process are so quick they take under 2 minutes

  • If you ever run into a problem, Support is highly responsive and helpful

  • STC does what it promises to do, and does it very well 

Want to give it a try? Click here to start your 14-day free trial and get started in under 2 minutes (no credit card required). 

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